Safe and simple AML procedure


A secure tool that takes care of AML obligations.


AML compliance 

The European Anti-money laundering regulations define the circumstances for a proper and compliant 'know your client'-procedure.

Clareply has developed an procedure that shortens the circumstantial administrative processes imposed upon the legal industry by the Anti-money legislation. We have developed our product in collaboration with the lawyer-users and created a streamlined digital AML-proces, which by an elegant, fast and encrypted workflow address the time consuming AML-duties regarding risk-assessment and KYC-procedures.

Our Solution

Is a browser based client-AML system which uses:

• Name,
• email or cell phone number.
• CPR-nr. or CVR-nr.

for automatically to contact the proper individuals and collect the necessary AML-documentation.

The client will receive instructions via an email and upload the requested documentation encrypted and directly to the lawyer.

The back office client-AML system, documents the ownership structure, cross-references with relevant registers, tracks deadlines for deletion of sensitive documents and record the steps in accordance with AML-obligations. Our solution is designed so that the respective users can incorporate this simple workflow into their existing rutines while also taking care of the clients' privacy protection.



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Who is Clareply?


Henrik Boensvang

Henrik is responsible for customer relations, business and product development, recruitment and fundraising.


Shum Stra

Shum is in charge of system design, software development, graphic design and keeping the servers humming.


Thomas O. Q. Krüger

Thomas, experienced lawyer, is in charge of keeping our service and business legally compliant.



Stay tuned.

Since we won CPH LegalTech Hackathon 2017, we've been hard at work building our secure and user-friendly Clareply technology. The latest news is that we've received funding from Innovation Fund Denmark.

We are currently looking for early adopters of our AML service. If you're interested, please fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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